Juro Janosik

About game

Juro Janosik is an action adventure about a Slovak legendary hero. You’ll take an adventure across country of Slovakia, explore castles, solve puzzles, rob pandurs, liberate prisoners, steal from the rich and give loot to the poor.

Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/978630/Juro_Janosik

Developer: Peter Jurkovský
Publisher: Black Deer Games
Development start: June 2018
Planned release: 25.10.2021
Genre: action-adventure, indie, top-down
Game engine: Unity
Features: single-player, full controller support, Steam achievements, Steam Cloud
Languages: English, Slovak, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese – Brazil, Greek, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Availability: Steam, Humble Bundle, Itch.io

More info:

Slovak hero

Juro Janosik is a legendary Slovak hero. He was a highlander robber and his real story is heavily blurred by dozens of legends, myths and beliefs. He is also known as Slovakian Robin Hood. He robbed nobles and gave the loot to the poor. In the game you will play in the role of this Slovak hero – Juro Janosik.


You start on the Slovak mini-country scene which serves mainly as a level selection scene. There are 10 levels in the game and every level is represented as a real Slovak castle. Some of them will be locked until you successfully complete the previous one.

Main goal in every level is to gain certain amount of gold for villagers and of course, most of the gold is in the castle. So you will need to solve some puzzles, fight some pandurs and get to the castle to find some gold for villagers.

Combat system

In the game, Juro is a really good robber – he will never kill anybody. He just stun them, so they stay unconscious for some time. If you have a rope in inventory, you can tie them up and they will not be able to move after they’ll become conscious again .

Character and RPG features

During whole game player will always have the same weapons – axe and pistol.
Player character lose his stamina during attack or while sprinting. If player has a low stamina, he can’t sprint and his attacks gives lower damage. Player can use experience points to upgrade some of the character’s skills (like stamina, health, damage, speed).


Juro Janosik is not a story-based game. Story in the game is in very simple form of intro in the beginning and outro at the end with some illustrations and texts.


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Steam – you can wishlist the game
Discord – ask me questions, share some ideas, give me a feedback or just follow development of the game
Facebook – news about the game
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Game: Peter Jurkovský
Music: Devel Sullivan
Characters voices: Grand Beats
Support: Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council