About Studio

Black Deer Games is one man indie game development studio from Slovakia.  Studio develops games in Unity 3D engine.

Developed games

Juro Janosik (in development until Q4 2020)

Juro Janosik is 3D low-poly style adventure RPG about Slovak legendary hero situated in isometric world. As Juro Janosik you will take the law into your own hands and take an adventure across country of Slovakia, loot some gold from castles and give it to poor hardworking people. Game combines cute visual style with funny gameplay.

The Legend of Janosik (2018)

The Legend of Janosik – 2D platformer game about Slovak legendary hero – Juraj Jánošík. Released on 27.2.2018 for Google Play, 7.3.2018 for iOS. More info …

Doodle Adventures (2016)

2D platformer game situated in black and white doodle world.
Released on 21.9.2016 for Google Play.

Neon Circle (2015)

Neon circle is spinning fast… but you can teach your brain when to tap and take energy from blue panel. The more you play the easier it will be.
Released 15.4.2015 for Google Play.